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 If you wonder about the this world as much as I do, than you have a !Misc.Minds$ and this is the right blog for you. Misc.Minds$ Is a blog that shares with you thoughts which are all random upon discussion..

Im A.s Planez come join me on a trip as I share with you my thoughts about the world that are sure to make your mind wonder into a place of unknown.

!Misc.Minds$ Is a blog created to provide you with post that are sure to open your mind to a endless possibility of thoughts , . I know that you cannot finish a puzzle without all the peices to it so feel free to voice your opinions and questions via comment, I am always available and responsive and open to ideals.


I  would love to hear whatever miscellaneous suggestions you have for me to discuss or if their is anything that you would want to hear more of my opinion on, just let me know.

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