We all Entertain materialism..

Materialism, we all have the disease.

Whether it’s the latest in electronics or fashion, we all have the urge to want the next newest and best thing.

Today ways to Entertain are growing rapidly as technology is advancing causing materialism to grow like a disease. We all have urges for things. There is always something out there that we feel the need to have. As generation goes by it passes the hunger for materialistic things on to the next it as continues along with the new things are being made.



I’m tired of shocking people…

It would be nice if someone actually was shocked about something I did. I’ve never done anything to shock anyone, but life shocks me all the time. Life is just one big electrical current waiting to shock you. People and situations are Static and rarely changes unless pushed to so. I’m tired of the static, turn it off. All I hear is constant static, nothing seems to change.

Books that cannot be Read (Part1)

Books are a window to the glorious world of imagination.

Those of you who love to read all know the feeling you get when you finally get a chance to sit down and read a book that you’ve been waiting for. Right?. . Well,

What if you couldn’t ?

What if when you opened it you couldn’t read it ??

Books have been the way of storytelling and documenting history for centuries. Most today are easily accessible through the internet and are already translated for us to read. Although, books have not always been so accessible and easy to read. There are books out there that are said to have taken centuries to understand, and some that still lay in wait as an ongoing mystery to the human language.

That’s right, in 2018 we have books that not even the smartest person with the most advanced of decoding skills can read.

Just imagine opening a book to read it and it’s filled with mysterious drawings and writings unlike anything you have ever seen before..

Listed below I give you books that cannot be read..

  1. The Voynich Manuscript

A book said to have been written in medieval times contains 250 pages of content such as illustrations of plants

not known to any region on the planet and is written in a language that is indecipherable. Discovered in 1639 it is said to be the worlds most mysterious book as it contains things such as; pharmaceutical and herbal information, as well as recipes, and astrological depictions. Many have tried to decrypt the writings and all have failed. Although some claimed to think that they’ve solved the mystery no one has yet to come forth to be accredited. Today It resides in the Beinecke Library in New Haven, Connecticut as we all await the day that the most mysterious manuscript of all is no longer a mystery..

If you think you have what it takes to solve the mystery or simply wanna learn more about the Voynich Manuscript, click the link below.

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We as writers make use of this term all the time when we write..

Whether you write music, poetry or just in general then you have made use of this term before.

You all of coarse know that in order to undulate a verse or a poem it has to rhyme so that the words will flow properly when said.

I for instance write music, hip hop preferably that I add my own style to, and when I’m writing Ill sometimes make a verse to wordy that when attempted doesn’t undulate right.

Every word has a place on the beat so if the words don’t correlate with the beat it won’t be able flow.

Undulate, to flow or move in a wave like motion.