We all Entertain materialism..

Materialism, we all have the disease.

Whether it’s the latest in electronics or fashion, we all have the urge to want the next newest and best thing.

Today ways to Entertain are growing rapidly as technology is advancing causing materialism to grow like a disease. We all have urges for things. There is always something out there that we feel the need to have. As generation goes by it passes the hunger for materialistic things on to the next it as continues along with the new things are being made.




I’m tired of shocking people…

It would be nice if someone actually was shocked about something I did. I’ve never done anything to shock anyone, but life shocks me all the time. Life is just one big electrical current waiting to shock you. People and situations are Static and rarely changes unless pushed to so. I’m tired of the static, turn it off. All I hear is constant static, nothing seems to change.